About Embassy Cigar Lounge

In 2006 Embassy Cigar Lounge was established in Orange County, California. Embassy is a family business and our customers are a big part of the Embassy Family. The first Embassy emerged in Anaheim Hills, CA in 2006 and the second location was created in 2009 in Brea, CA (Downtown Brea). Most of the time, you will find us on the floor, working with the customers on finding the perfect cigars and accessories to fit your life style.

Embassy Lifestyle

Embassy Cigars is known and respected throughout the cigar community in Orange County. Both locations, Anaheim Hills and Brea (Downtown Brea), are proud to educate the public on the long, beautiful tradition and the skillful artistry of fine, hand-rolled cigars. We are honored and privileged to bring such enjoyment, relaxation and wonderful memories to so many people on a daily basis.

Embassy focuses around the culture, lifestyle and tradition of cigars. Embassy Cigars offers the finest cigar selections available and the most exclusive brands. Exquisite accessories and unsurpassed service give clients a most satisfying shopping experience. Embassy Cigars is constantly educating its staff and consumers, keeping up to date on the most sought after cigars and accessories.

The principle of our family business is to continually create the buzz on new and vintage premium cigars in the industry. We see the wow-factor in our customers when they find the perfect cigar from our Embassy Humidor, which is recommended by us. We personally smoke the cigars that we stock in our humidor to ensure top-notch selection for our customers. We recommend cigars based on your taste profile and the type of cigars smoked in the past. The price of a cigar can never determine the quality of the cigar. At Embassy Cigars, we make sure the cigars that we stock are a great value for our customers.

What is a cigar?

Cigars are like a fine bottle of wine, with age they taste even better. The complexity, the taste profile and the creamier draw is much more distinct.

Enjoy Your Cigars…Enjoy Your Life!

Embassy Cigar story began in NYC & HB
Embassy Cigars is a family business
Embassy Cigars has been a business in the OC since 2006
Embassy means "The Headquarters of Premium Cigars"
Embassy Cigars caters to Restaura- nts,Resorts, Country Clubs,Weddings and Corporate Events